Doug ForestaMy name is Doug Foresta, and I help people and organizations find their “voice”, become thought leaders and get their message out to those who most need to hear it. 

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My name is Doug Foresta and I produce audio and video content (along with my awesome team!) for organizations including Ruh Global Communications, Ascent Dental Solutions, Frame of Mind Coaching and many others.

I’m a therapist turned podcaster turned social media producer and consultant. My passion is helping people and organizations find their “voice” and create and distribute content that engages their ideal audience.

By “voice” I mean finding your unique point of view. For example, if you are a dentist or doctor, there are many dentists and doctors out there. What will make you stand out in the marketplace? When you share audios or videos that express your unique identity, it helps people feel like they know you and strengthens your brand.

I work with a wide variety of clients, ranging from individual speakers to national associations, but they all have one thing in common- they know that they need to do a better job engaging their members, clients, patients, etc. and standing out in a noisy marketing environment.

When you work with me I’ll help you find, discover and express your voice through a variety of channels, including podcasting and livestreaming video.

Some facts about me:

  • I’m a licensed therapist- (but there’s no therapy involved in the process- I promise!)
  • I was born in Brooklyn and raised in New Jersey
  • I’m the oldest of 6 children, but the rest are all engineers!
  • Since 2008, I’ve interviewed over 2,000 podcast guests, including New York Times Bestselling Authors and Academy Award winners
  • My team members have worked with some of the largest global brands, including Disney and Coke
  • I’m a playwright and theatre instructor, and have helped develop over 100 produced plays
  • I’m the father to an awesome 12 year old boy (see below!)

sam and dad

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